U.S. power grids vulnerable to ISIS attack

Several experts over the past year have been warning about the vulnerability of America’s power grid being attacked by terrorists and on Sunday, WND is reporting that the ISIS terrorists now pose an “imminent” threat to the U.S. electric grid with the capacity to coordinate a devastating assault on our nation’s infrastructure.
The warning came from, Dr. Peter Pry, a former CIA officer, executive director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security and director of the U.S. Nuclear Strategy Forum in a radio interview with Aaron Klein on “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio” on New York’s AM 970 The Answer. Pry told Klein, “There is an imminent threat from ISIS to the national electric grid and not just to a single U.S. city.”

WND stated that Pry had pointed to the possibility of ISIS hiring Mexican extremists such as the Knights Templar drug cartel, which last year successfully utilized guns and Molotov cocktails to attack numerous Mexican power stations, leaving 11 towns without electricity.

In response, Pry said, “Now those guys are just across our southern border. That means that ISIS doesn’t have to actually come to the United States on those U.S. passports. You know, Obama is always talking about how he’s got a phone. Well, ISIS has got a telephone, too. All they’ve got to do is contact the Knights Templar, wire these guys $10 million, I mean they’ll do anything for money. And say, ‘Hey, go across that open U.S. border and take out the electric grid in Arizona, or New Mexico, or Minnesota or New York… or the entire nation.’”

In July 2013, Former CIA Director Woolsey at an EMP synopsis had warned of the dangers of the EMP threats to America. Woosley at that time stated that an EMP catastrophe could be imminent from terrorists and/or rogue states armed with nuclear weapons.

Dr. Pry attended that meeting and noted that in April 2013, a sabotage attempt was made against electric grid transformers near San Jose, CA, that damaged five transformers with fire from AK-47 assault rifles. The mainstream media did not largely cover the act of sabotage attack on the electrical grid. The vandals also severed fiber optic cables, which knocked out some 911 services.

On the Klein show, Pry ended by saying, “So something like that could be arranged. It could happen tomorrow. It could happen next week. We also have Muslim terror cells already in this country that would be willing to do anything for money and it’s very easy to attack the electrical grid.”

Meanwhile, the threat from ISIS is so great that Fox News reported two days ago that Social media chatter shows Islamic State militants are keenly aware of the porous U.S.-Mexico border, and are “expressing an increased interest” in crossing over to carry out a terrorist attack.