For those applications where use of IR cameras is impractical due to obstructed fields-of-view or limited space, Sensei offers the HotShot RFID temperature sensing solution.

Using passive wireless RFID technology, Sensei can quickly, easily and economically instrument any equipment to measure instantaneous temperature, while storing and analyzing readings and trends over extended time periods.


Tiny wireless passive RFID temperature sensors affix directly to busswork or any other mounting point. No wiring or power is required.

Fully compatible with Sensei’s AVR thermal monitoring system, and designed specifically for use inside high-voltage equipment like dry transformers, HotShot sensors attach directly to buss-bars or other critical points providing continuous monitoring of anything to which it is affixed without the need to install wires or power to the sensors.

Any number of sensors may be deployed inside electrical cabinets and on critical machinery to measure temperatures up to 125C (230F) accurate to within 2 degrees C, and any number of assets may be monitored and analyzed for changes in trend, or outliers based on comparative analytics.


Temperature Sensor:

  • Temperature Sensing Capability of Electronics*:  -40 °C to 125 °C  (-40 °F to +230 °F).
  • Temperature Sensing Accuracy:  +/- 2 °C.  Higher accuracy available upon special order.


  • Mounting Plate: Nickel plated C2680 brass.  Antenna Cover Material: High Temperature PEEK plastic.
  • Size:  2.5  in long X 1.3 in wide X 0.45 in high (62 mm long x 33mm wide x 11 mm high).


  • Unique ID number is transmitted with sensor data.
  • Battery-Free passive RFID.
  • UHF EPC RFID protocol.  May be read by standard ThingMagic or Intermec readers.  Demonstration software is written for the ThingMagic Vega reader.
  • Tag has integrated RFID antenna.

Read Range:

  • 1 meter minimum read range in optimum orientation with 4 watt EIRP from RFID reader.


  • Survival Temperature: -40°C to +150°C.
  • Humidity: 0 to 95% RH, non-condensing.
  • Electromagnetic Fields: Tag operates and survives while mounted electrical conductors operating up to 15kV.

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