Sensei MasterMind Surveillance Automation Solution Design

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Overhead view of electrical substation coverage utilizing PoleVault remote sensing platform to deploy a combination of video analytics, passive infrared motion sensors and sensor fusion signal processing software to effect a 24/7 curtain of surveillance around and within the substation.

3-station 6-zone configuration utilizing sensor fusion false-alarm reduction technology

This design employs three PoleVault surveillance automation sensor stations positioned near each of the three corners of the site.

Shaped as a right-triangle with a hypotenuse of 250′ the perimeter is divided into six zones, two per side covered by day/night video analytics combined with high-end passive infrared curtain sensors in overlapping fields of view.

Installation and Configuration

Beginning with a naked class 5 utility pole, a collar and pulley are placed atop of the pole and a ladder secured to the side of the pole. Using this rig the PoleVault unit will be hoisted into place by one worker while it is guided into position by a second worker on the laddder.

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