Protecting Substations with Ballistic Solutions

Substations are a part of an electrical generation, transmission, and distribution system. They are essential for the transformation of voltage by taking electricity from power plants and transmission lines. These electrical hubs distribute that electricity to consumers while supervising and protecting the distribution network.

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Typically, substations have switching equipment, control equipment, and transformers, but often times they are severely lacking in protection. As a critical part of the U.S. power grid, an attack on a substation could result in massive power outages in large sections of the country. Since 2013, there have been as many as four known attacks on transmission substations around the country, the most recent being in November 2014. While these potentially disastrous attacks did not have a significant impact on the power availability, it opened up the need for a more advanced form of substation protection.

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From orders by the FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission), the NERC (North American Electric Reliability Corporation)developed a response to these recent attacks by developing, proposing and filing for Mandatory Reliability Standards to address the threat level of vulnerabilities of critical facilities, like transmission substations. Along with that, many utility companies have been initiating the development of a “Guide for Electric Power Substation Physical and Electronic Security.”

Ballistic resistant wall panel enclosures have been designed to prevent damage from projectiles. Utilizing fiberglass reinforced panels in unison with perimeter fencing depletes chances of interference by better controlling on-site access.

Southern States has perfected substation protection with industry leading solutions. The Ballisti-WallTM and Ballisti-CoverTM are lightweight, corrosion proof, non-conductive, and electromagnetically transparent solutions that can be customized and implemented to protect these critical substation assets. Southern States offers the highest protection for critical assets by providing the best solutions and partnering with the most advanced and secure companies, like Sensei. Sensei delivers low-risk solutions for remote-site protection. By combining our solutions, your critical assets are guaranteed to be safe from any form of physical threat.

Our informative infographic lays out the most important aspects of substation protection and what can be done to prevent damaging attacks, but we can provide you with the solution now. For more information about our substation security solutions, call us today to speak to one of our experts.

Constructed from multiple layers of woven fiberglass encapsulated with a proprietary resin system that produces a rigid panel with exceptional ballistic resistance, the unique composite matrix of the panels allow for the retention of the projectile to avoid potentially hazardous ricochet.


These protection products offer ballistic resistant security with the additional performance advantages of durability, corrosion resistance, electrical non-conductivity, low thermal conductivity and light weight.




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