Sensei’s patented manufacturing and deployment technology ensures the highest performance, maximum reliability and the lowest total cost of ownership.

The ultimate proof of value is measured not only in terms of Probability-of-Detection (PD) and False-Alarm-Rate (FAR), but also Total-Cost-of-Ownership (TCO).

Unlike common security system deployment methods used in energized substations, Sensei’s patented PoleVault deployment technology provides intelligent power and communications management for all sensors and devices deployed into a substation, while eliminating the cost and risks associated with on-site assembly, configuration and testing.

Each device in a PoleVault is continuously monitored for proper operation and automatically reset in the event of failure. And every device in the PoleVault shares access to a high-speed encrypted wireless mesh network built-in to every PoleVault unit.

Controlled Build-to-Order Manufacturing Process
During initial assembly each device in the PoleVault is pre-configured and tested in accordance with a Master Design Document developed specifically for each customer prior to leaving the factory.


Rigorous pre-installation test and checkout processes greatly simplify on-site installation, reducing enterprise risk, controlling costs and improving safety and reliability. Every installation package includes detailed as-built drawings and key technical documentation as part of the Installation Design Package (IDP) document.

PoleVault technology radically improves on the way sensors and communications are deployed in substations. With PoleVault and a two-man ladder crew any Class-5 utility pole may be transformed into an operational sensor station in under an hour.

Entire substations may be installed and commission in a day or two, vs. a week or two for conventional methods.

And PoleVault delivers a much higher initial serviceability rating than field-assembled solutions, with a 99.9% installation reliability score.

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